Who We Are

Our Mission

FamilyWorks partners with families to alleviate food insecurity and ensure they have resources and support to overcome systemic barriers to equity, build stable communities, and thrive.

Our Vision

FamilyWorks envisions vibrant, equitable neighborhoods strengthened by resources designed by and for families furthest from justice.

Our Values

Dignity and Empowerment

We believe in treating others with respect and humanity in every facet of our programs and services. We design our programs to emphasize an individual’s ability to make their own choices and determinations in life.

Justice and Anti-Racism

We advocate for the families we serve to have freedom from the social and economic systems that oppress our communities. We are committed to actively changing policies, behaviors, and beliefs that perpetuate racist ideas and actions.


We are committed to adapting to what’s best in service of our mission instead of what we’ve always done before.


We center feelings of joy and positivity in our relationships with the families we serve.

Participants as Partners

We design programs and policies with input and leadership from the communities and families we serve. We prioritize strong and equitable relationships with participants, partners, volunteers, and funders.

What We Do

FamilyWorks serves families in North Seattle who have been marginalized by food, economic, and racial injustice. With two Food Banks, a newly opened Family Resource Center, a growing list of mobile and satellite service locations, and a vast network of community partners, we provide meaningful and culturally responsive services to more than 5,000 households each year.

For nearly 30 years, FamilyWorks has worked in equal partnership with families to co-create programs that truly make a difference in families’ lives. Read more about our history.

We intentionally hire and recruit staff whose identities and lived experiences reflect those of our community. We make every effort to offer meaningful, accessible, and culturally responsive programs where families live, learn and grow.

Through our physical service locations, mobile services, and partnerships with trusted community institutions, we meet families where they are to:

  • Build supportive community connections to strengthen social capital and networks
  • Increase economic well-being, stability, and food security.
  • Access foods that meet nutritional needs and reflect their cultural heritage.
  • Successfully access social services and other resources, and build capacity to meet their family’s goals.