What does APA Heritage Month mean to our participants?

May is Asian Pacific Island American Heritage Month, or Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, a month to celebrate, preserve, and promote the culture, heritage, and contributions of Asian Pacific Americans!

In honor of APA Heritage Month, Vivien He, our Education Opportunities Intern, asked some of our Family Resource Center participants what APA Heritage Month means to them.

Asian American and Pacific Islander month is an opportunity to connect and share our diverse traditions of our ancestors through celebration of food, music, dance, language, and stories that connect us to our roots. This month is a time to reflect our history and take pride in our path in our journey as Americans. In May, one of our family traditions is to gather plants such as dandelions, chamomile, rosemary, and mint. I braid the plants into crowns and leis, the children put it on for an informal performance of martial arts and dance. We dry out the plants to enjoy as tea – Loan

Home is where our heart is.
Heart is what we love similarities and differences.
Love is how we are appreciated and grateful.
Sincerely, Michelle

What I think about Asian American Pacific Islander Month is that we as Asians are being appreciated here in the United States not only that, we are given opportunities to work hard for our dreams. – Arlene

AAPI Month means the appreciation to my culture. There’s a saying that ‘Nothing cannot be solved by one meal of hotpot, if not, then two meals.’ This is particularly popular among the younger generations, and has generally become a national saying that everyone agrees with. So one modern way of how we celebrate our culture is through a steaming hotpot! – Vivien He, Education Opportunities Intern