Volunteer Appreciation 2024

April is National Volunteer Month, a time to recognize the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and the impact they have on our work! To celebrate our amazing community of volunteers, we asked our staff to share why they value and appreciate our volunteers. You can read their messages of appreciation below:

“I see volunteers as our champions of empowerment, bringing dedication, passion, and joy to every shift. In the Family Resource Center, they help create a welcoming environment where our families feel part of a community. They make it a meaningful experience for our families to receive diapers, clothing, and the resources they need to thrive and to feel empowered. Thank you, volunteers, for your commitment, time, and efforts. They are appreciated every day! ❤” – Edsel Blanche, Family Resource Center Manager

“FamilyWorks’s incredible community of volunteers is crucial to the success of every program in the food bank. It has been a joy to work with every single volunteer and I am constantly inspired by the dedication and compassion they bring to this work. I have so much appreciation for the FamilyWorks volunteers and ALL of the hard work they do!” – Jessie Page, Mobile Food Pantry Coordinator

“It really is a pleasure to see how our volunteers take ownership with their attitude and tasks at FamilyWorks.” – James Moody, Food Bank Coordinator

“I’m so grateful to be connected to such a supportive group of board members. They not only invest their time and energy in our work but show up with open minds and a willingness to learn and grow along with our staff and organization. Thank you for being such thoughtful partners!” – Kirby Lochner, Communications Manager

“None of what we do would be possible without our wonderful volunteers. Each week they come in with bright smiles and so much joy for helping our community. Among all other things, our volunteers help build, fill and delivery bags for over 250 households in the Home Delivery program. This help is the leg we balance on to deliver dietary relative foods which our home-bound participants not only need and depend on, but also truly enjoy. Thank you so much, we couldn’t do this without you.” – Kelly Groat, Food Access Coordinator

“What I appreciate about our volunteers is how much of themselves they bring with them and the values they apply to their work. What I mean by this is they bring a wide variety of life skills and experiences to their work. Whether it’s translation skills or compassion and care, our volunteers help bring value to the work we all do, day in and day out.” – Pete Metzelfeld, Food Bank Coordinator

“I’m incredibly grateful for the work volunteers do for us. I know is going to be a good day when Naomi and Craig are coming, they are always so on it and helpful! Lou is the nicest person and brings me the food section of Sunday’s newspaper for me to read every week, it keeps me updated on the industry tea haha and is a great Friday when Jim comes in and has the best Zumba stories and recommendations of places to go to dance. It brings me a lot of joy to get to know the volunteers and learn a bit more about them!!” – Diana Mata García, Mobile Food Pantry Coordinator

“Being rather new to FamilyWorks, I have truly enjoyed learning from and with our volunteers at the FRC. Our drop-in hours are always more fun with the support of our many volunteers. I appreciate their dedication, hard work, and willingness to jump in and support the changing needs of the day. However, the best part about working alongside FamilyWorks volunteers are their creative ideas for the space, their supportive energy, and the welcoming environment they foster for our families and our staff.” Nicole Freitas, Community Connector

“FamilyWorks volunteers go above and beyond every day to make sure our program participants not only have access to needed food and resources, but also that they walk into a warm, positive environment where they are welcomed, supported, and valued. We’re able to accomplish so much thanks to our incredible volunteers who show up with a smile and a willingness to jump in and help wherever needed. Thank you for making our work possible!” Rehana Lanewala, Director of Development & Communications

“I am so inspired each day by the incredible contributions of our volunteers, who are the essential fuel to power our mission. I think about the many faces of volunteers and their stories. Our volunteers serve in large groups and serve as individuals. They are volunteering as spouses, parents with their children, book groups and rotary clubs. They are serving on the Board, going on the road with the mobile food pantry, greeting participants at the food banks, making the Community Closet beautiful and organized, and decorating donation bins. Through it all, they are connected by their love for our community and their belief in FamilyWorks’ mission. So grateful to shine a light on how much you all mean to this work!” – Marcia Wright-Soika, Executive Director