Messages of Appreciation for our Volunteers!

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, so we asked our staff members to share what makes our volunteers so amazing. Read below for messages of appreciation from each staff member!

“As someone who gets to see firsthand all that our volunteers do, saying the words “thank you” does not seem like enough. The way our volunteers go above and beyond to help find ways to meet the needs of everyone who walks through our doors is such a special thing to see. They show how much they truly care about each person, by remembering names of the families, and the things they like (like foods, or certain hygiene items). I have witnessed on several occasions a volunteer get truly excited, and announce when a participant comes in that they have not seen in a while, out of pure joy to see them. Our volunteers are the extended heart of who we are, and I couldn’t imagine doing this without them.” – Theresa Williams, Office Manager

“I enjoy seeing our Family Resource Center volunteers provide warm and positive interactions with our families. Whether it’s distributing diapers, helping find participants a particular clothing item or even asking how they’re doing, they make a difference and that goes unrecognized. Thank you to all the volunteers, for the effort and time to empower our participants!” ❤ – Edsel Blanche, Family Resource Center Manager

“Volunteers are crucial to helping us carry out all of our services. We appreciate their dedication to FamilyWorks.” – James Moody, Food Bank Coordinator

“Volunteers are essential to everything we do at FamilyWorks! The Family Resource Center is supported by many volunteers weekly who help us provide supplies like diapers, clothing, and other essentials.” – Liala Cooney, Family Programs Coordinator

“As a new staff member, I am always learning new things from the volunteers in the food bank. Not only are FamilyWorks volunteers welcoming and friendly, but they are also full of knowledge and skills. The positive attitudes (and sense of humor) brought by each of the volunteers truly make every day more enjoyable.” – Jessie Page, Americorps Food Access Coordinator

“Volunteers are a huge help for the Home Delivery program. We have a tight deadline, and our volunteers always step up to make sure the bags get out in time. Their enthusiasm and wonderful presence are much appreciated!” – Max Forman, Food Access Coordinator

“I appreciate all of our FWx volunteers for introducing themselves and continuing to come back to make all the magic work! Big shoutout to my Mobile Food Pantry crew for being super flexible, being a great lift, and being so supportive of FWx and I as we continue a vital service to our Northern Seattle neighborhoods” – Jem Gonzalez-de Jesus, Mobile Food Pantry Coordinator

“We weren’t able to host groups in our space for a few years because of the pandemic and it’s so much fun hosting groups in the warehouse again. We have a few regular work groups who bring such great energy and I appreciate how they’re always up for tackling any task we throw at them like pallet-clearing or sorting produce!” – Tobey Solomon-Auger, Food Bank Manager

“We are so lucky to have such a dedicated and diverse group of board member volunteers. I really appreciate the variety of experience and perspectives they bring to our work. Whether they’re working in the food bank distributing groceries or connecting with neighbors and business leaders to share FamilyWorks’ story, our board members make a huge impact through their service as stewards of our organization!” Kirby Lochner, Communications Coordinator