Host a Watch Party!

If you haven’t tried sharing your screen during a videochat, it’s a great way for a group of friends and family to virtually watch a video together!

Step One

Create a Zoom account and invite your friends and family to a meeting! (You can schedule a meeting ahead of time or create one instantly).

Step Two

Open up the Sunday Supper video you want to watch together in your favorite web browser. (You’ll be able to find these on our Facebook page or the Sunday Supper webpage)

Step Three

Once you’ve started your Zoom meeting, click the green arrow at the bottom of the window that says “Share Screen.”

(If you are a guest in Zoom meeting, your host will have to click the little caret symbol next to the Share Screen button and select “multiple participants can share simultaneously”)

Step Four

Choose your web browser window with the video from the listed screen sharing options, click the checkbox at the bottom that says “Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip,” then click “Share”

Step Five

Most of the Zoom window will disappear, and you should see your web browser with the Sunday Supper video. Play the video and enjoy the event with your friends and family!

Click here to watch a video walkthrough on sharing your screen from Zoom.