Get to Know Our New Interns!

Each year, we’re lucky to get the opportunity to work with student interns from local colleges and universities in the Seattle area. Student interns bring a fresh perspective and diverse range of experiences to our work, and we appreciate the opportunity to be a part of their educational journeys. Whether developing curriculum to support students with distance-learning or taking the lead on programs like our Virtual Playgroups, we try to make sure that the work our interns do aligns with their interests and goals. Read on below to learn more about our two interns for 2021/22: Nayeli Quiroz-Torres (she/her), our College of Education intern, and Rachel Redman (she/her), our School of Social Work intern.

Nayeli Quiroz-Torres

I’m currently studying education, community, and organizations. I’ve always been interested in helping students who are first generation or are of low-income because I can relate to the challenges that come along with that. I chose to work with FamilyWorks because they help support the communities that are low-income and need support in finding resources for their families through challenging times. My goal after graduating and completing the internship is to be able to work with students who need support and a safe space. I want to be able to give back to communities because I know how difficult it can be when you’re a first-generation student and/or of low-income.

Rachel Redman

Hi, My name is Rachel Redman, I’m 28 years old, and live in the Seattle area. I am a BASW student in the School of Social Work at the University of Washington. I decided to get into the field of social work due to naturally being a people person, and also having a strong desire to invest in people who do experience struggle, and my passion for community as a whole. Enduring some of my own challenges in life, I decided that I wanted to use my own experiences to encourage and uplift individuals and families in my communities, and hopefully be able to make a difference in the communities I plan on serving. Learning what I can in my current work about community, and human services, and applying these newfound skills towards my future endeavors as a social work practitioner. I chose FamilyWorks to do my Internship because I appreciate the mission that they hold, and are dedicated to, and also the services in the facility that are offered to families and the community. Not only are there diverse clients in the facility, but there are also diverse staff who have a client-first attitude, and this is helpful for me because it will allow me to maintain an open mind, keep me on track, and always remember to keep my social work lens and focus. I have several goals in mind when it comes to my internship and after graduation. While I’m at FamilyWorks, I plan on learning and seeking growth wherever possible in my working environment with clients. Applying the skills I’m learning here towards the training I’m also receiving in my course work. I plan on applying to the masters advanced standing program. After I graduate with my bachelors degree, hopefully I will be working as a social worker, and also accepted into the masters program at the UW. I know that as long as I keep one foot in front of the other, and maintain my efforts to learn and improve myself in my social work journey, I’m sure I will be able to reach my goals and succeed. The key is not giving up.