Farewell, Resource Center Interns!

It’s that bittersweet time of year again for us, the end of the school year and the end of our amazing interns’ time at FamilyWorks. Interns are an incredibly important part of our work at the Family Resource Center, and this year we had the good fortune of getting to know Alicia, Liala, and Yaraly. Below are some thoughts from each of them, as they reflect on their time spent here, what they learned, and how they grew. We can’t thank you each enough for the work you did at FamilyWorks! Good luck with whatever life brings you next and don’t forget to visit!

“Hello! My name is Alicia and I have been interning with FamilyWorks since July of 2019! I am currently in a social work graduate program through the University of Denver, with an expected graduation date of June 2021. I decided to pursue my master’s in social work (MSW) because I am passionate about advocacy and I want to continue learning so that I can show up as my best self for those I am working with. Interning at FamilyWorks has provided me with a wide variety of opportunities to serve my community. One of the most fruitful experiences thus far at FamilyWorks has been facilitating an after-school program called Powerful Voices. This program is tailored toward middle school girls of color to help them foster positive female relationships and offer a safe place to discuss the challenges in their daily lives.”
– Alicia Nishimura, MSW at Denver University.

“My name is Liala Cooney and I’m a senior at the University of Washington. I’m about to graduate in June with a degree in Early Childhood and Family Studies and minors in Diversity as well as Spanish. My internship ends in early June and I will miss FamilyWorks so much! I’ve really enjoyed being able to meet so many friendly and wonderful members of the community. My personal goal coming into this internship was to see how I felt working with a non-profit and I am so fortunate that I was able to be introduced into such a friendly community of participants, staff, and volunteers. After graduating I hope to work with parents and children either as an educator or with a non-profit. Before going into my career, I plan on taking some time off to try and enjoy the summer while staying safe and healthy!”
– Liala Cooney, UCBI Intern at University of Washington

“I am Yaraly Preciado-Macedo, an MSW student from the University of Washington and currently an intern at FamilyWorks. I decided to pursue my master’s in social work due to my own life experience. I grew up in a marginalized community where I witnessed and experienced injustices firsthand. With my experience, I wanted to help others navigate and alleviate barriers for others. After I complete my MSW degree, I hope to work with the Latinx community in some capacity within the healthcare system.”
– Yaraly Preciado-Macedo, MSW Intern at University of Washington (To read Yaraly’s entire blog post, click here.)