FamilyWorks receives largest-ever donation from generous community member

When we launched the Nourishing Communities Campaign in late 2022, I held firm faith that we would achieve our goal of raising $5 million to construct a new family resource center, renovate our food bank, expand our programs and partnerships, and invest in our staff. However, I never imagined that we would surpass our objectives and deepen our impact to such an extent.

Today, I am honored to announce an extraordinary development: FamilyWorks has received a remarkable, $3 million gift from a local anonymous donor towards our mission. A portion of this generous contribution will be put toward our capital campaign goal, and will enable us to acquire and fully own our Family Resource Center at Cedar Crossing, a significant stride that previously seemed beyond our reach. The transformative power of owning our own facility cannot be overstated. It provides us with stability, sustainability, and the ability to tailor our services to the specific needs of our community with greater flexibility and autonomy.

With the future acquisition of the Family Resource Center secured, we can now shift our focus and resources towards renovating our food bank in Wallingford and reinforcing our infrastructure. We are committed to making the critical investments in FamilyWorks that empower us to serve our community effectively, for many years to come.

To that end, we are not only enhancing our physical infrastructure but also addressing sector-wide challenges of equity and fairness in the compensation of human service workers. The success of the campaign has allowed us to prioritize wage equity for our staff, and we are on a path to ensuring that all members of our team are valued, compensated fairly for their contributions, and have resources and support as we deliver care in neighborhoods throughout North Seattle.

Our new target campaign goal is $7 million, which will put us on the path to reach this expanded vision, and significantly enhance our impact on the community. As of today, we have raised $6.23 million towards this ambitious goal.

We warmly invite you to join us in our ongoing efforts – we can accomplish so much more working together, in community.

With gratitude,

Marcia Wright-Soika, Executive Director, on behalf of the FamilyWorks Team