Coronavirus Program Update

Food Bank

Over the past several months, we’ve learned a lot about how best to serve our community in this new “normal.” At the Wallingford Food Bank, we’ve separated the check-in table from the food distribution table, making it faster and easier for folks to get the resources they need. We now have standing umbrellas to help shelter our participants from the summer sun (and any summer rain) as they stand in line, and permanent social distancing markers on the pavement.

As we’ve settled into this new model, we’ve also been able to be more consistent with the food we distribute. Folks at both our Wallingford and Greenwood Food Banks can now expect to receive a fresh produce bag, meat, bread, and a choice of dry good items, specialty items, and dairy. We are also distributing masks to anyone in line who needs one.

We’ve continued to ramp up our Grocery Delivery program, now serving 167 households through home deliveries each month. If you know of anyone who is housebound at this time and unable to purchase groceries for delivery, please contact us at 206-694-6722.

During this time, our focus is on nourishing our community, and we have taken steps to remove as many barriers as possible. We will serve anyone regardless of zip code, and as always, we do not ask for proof of identification, or income status.

Family Resource Center

While the Family Resource Center itself remains closed to the public, our Family Programs team has been working hard to connect with participants in other ways. At the food bank, Family Programs staff distribute diapers and baby wipes, arts and crafts packets, self-care information, and information about upcoming virtual programs. For families that can’t visit the food bank, we’ve also mailed out manila envelopes stuffed with activities and resources for all ages.

Earlier this month, we held a Saturday Outdoor Clothing Market, a socially distanced event with about 40 families in attendance! We also just finished a 6-week virtual Cooking Matters series, a partnership with Solid Ground where folks learn new recipes, healthy habits, mindful grocery shopping, and meal planning.

We’re continuing to host four virtual programs a week: our English and Spanish language playgroups (our Spanish playgroup will be trying out a socially distanced outdoor meeting this week!), the Chicas de Hoy Women’s Empowerment Group, and the Caregiver Check-In Group. If you’re interested in joining any of these programs, please reach out to Family Resource Center Manager Edsel Blanche at

How You Can Make an Impact

If you’re looking to support our programs, one of the most immediate ways you can make an impact is through an in-kind donation of non-perishable food. Due to the coronavirus, we’ve been unable to hold our Supermarket Saturday Food Drives, one of our most consistent sources of food for our Emergency “No-Cook” Food Bags and our PowerPacks for Kids.

We’re currently asking for donations of:
– Canned Soup/Chili/Meals
– Canned Fruit
– Crackers
– Granola Bars
– Juice Boxes/Bottled Water/Drinks
– Peanut Butter

Click here for donation hours and location.

Another way to make an impact is to start a neighborhood or workplace food drive or fundraiser. Check out our Host A Drive page for some examples of past community fundraisers, and then fill out the form to tell us how we can support your drive!

If you’d like to volunteer in-person, check out our Current Volunteer Opportunities page. We ensure that all of our volunteers adhere to proper social distancing while working and are equipped with a mask and gloves, and access to hand sanitizer and soap/water.

If you would prefer to make a cash donation, you can do that via our online donation portal here. Cash donations help us fill any gaps in our food or family resources and meet the growing needs of our community.

If you have any questions or ideas about how you want to support our community, please give us a call at (206) 694-6727 or email us at