A Lifesaving Box Of Food

Hi Everyone, David Tate here,

I thought you might enjoy this. I was out walking around my neighborhood some weeks back when I passed a young couple and their child. The man stopped and gave me a curious look and said “I know you from somewhere.” I did not recognize him and said that maybe he had seen me at FamilyWorks up by the library. He face lit up, he pointed at me and said, “The foodbank!”   I said, “That makes sense, but I’m sorry I don’t recognize you.”

His wife said they remembered me as I was the one who got them signed up at the foodbank and introduced them to the Resource Center. I asked them how they were doing and why we had not seen them recently and here is what they said.

A few months back he had lost his job and they were living out of their car with their three year old.  The wife told me that they were down to $20 in cash and desperately needed food, when someone told them about the FW foodbank.  They came down and we got them signed up and provided them with what she called “A lifesaving box of food.”  We also got them “hooked up” with the playgroup program and some housing resources.

They are now in housing and he has a full-time job working security at one of the local “big box” stores. They both said that their experience with family works had been transforming and lifesaving and had played a huge part in helping them through what was a difficult and stressful time in their lives and they specifically asked me to let everyone know how thankful they are for the help.